Giveaways: Should I Enter/Host them?

Everyone likes a good bargain but what everyone loves more is free stuff! That’s why we recommend you hop on the giveaway hype train because at the end of the day, you gain a lot more than you lose… which is nothing!

Giveaways are contests held by companies in which a randomly selected winner receives a free product. To enter, participants usually have to engage with the brand’s content in the form of a like, comment, tag or by sharing the post. Prizes for these contents include anything from free clothes, phones and hampers to vouchers and in some cases, even cash!

Whilst we recommend you remain wary of scams, we also want to explain what makes giveaways beneficial to both the consumer and the companies hosting them.

The obvious benefits for consumers are obviously free products but by engaging with these brands on social media, you’re more likely to come across like minded people. This allows you to build online friendships but also exposes you to new aesthetics and profiles- all of which you’re able to draw inspiration from.

Due to the nature of giveaways there isn’t a limit on how many you can enter and many offer extra entries for tagging sharing on your profiles. A key tip to remember is that the bigger the brand, the more participants they’re likely to have.

In addition to this, your engagements with the giveaway also allows you to demonstrate your support by pandering to the required algorithms and therefore increasing the likelihood of others coming across the page.

For businesses, giveaways are also a cost effective marketing tools because it increases public awareness of the brand and customer engagement far better than targeted ads. The exposure also portrays the company in a beneficial light as it demonstrates their willingness to interact with their customer base.

Not only have giveaways proven to increase sales but it also aids brands in further marketing your product. From analyzing the accounts engaging with your giveaway, you can narrow down your target audience.

However, with that in mind, too many giveaways may hinder a brands reputation as many consumers no longer regard their clothes as special or exclusive. This is why brands tend to reserve giveaways for momentous occasions, such as their launch.

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