Bakers Complete Small Dog Beef

Bakers Complete Small Dog Beef

Smaller dogs may have little tummies to fill, but they also have super-fast metabolisms – often burning twice the calories their larger cousins do.


Bakers Complete® Small Dog will fuel his metabolism and keep him bursting with energy and on the go.


A great big taste in small mouthfuls!


Contains plentiful fibre for good digestion & iron for healthy blood, high quality protein sources to help maintain a good body condition and Omega 3 & 6 - essential fatty acids for healthy skin & glossy coat.


Recommended as a complete food for small adult dogs weighing 10kg or less.



Meat and animal derivatives (26% meat, 4% beef), Cereals, Various sugars, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils and fats, Minerals.



Protein 26%, Fat 12%, Ash 8%, Fibre 2%, Linoleic acid 2.7%, Linolenic acid 0.15%

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