Goose and Turkey 500g

Goose and Turkey 500g

Now in clear rectangle 500g containers with a resealable lid.
High quality premium ingredients in a sturdy sealed tub.  Easy to store in your freezer.


40% Whole Goose with Bone, 40% Turkey Drumstick with Bone, 15% Chicken Heart, 5%Turkey Liver

A tasty seasonal meal for your dog.  A great texture for your dog’s enjoyment.  The meal comes already mixed together so even the fussiest dogs will love it! 

100% meat, nothing added giving your dog the very best complete meal with the perfect bone content.


A rich textured meal giving your dog a truly enjoyable experience.  Fresh into us, cut, packed and frozen to maintain the best quality.  Sold in a single size 500g container.


Raw Made Simple prepare all their meat & bones which are sourced locally and then packed and frozen them on site.


Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.  Once thawed, open the pack and serve to your dog.


Moisture 63.3%, Protein 18.1%, Total Fat 14.1%, Ash 1.8%, Crude Fibre 0.1%