Lamb, Beef and Tripe raw dog food

Lamb, Beef and Tripe raw dog food

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Lamb Trip Mix Bone Free Raw Dog Food

Our brand new rectangle 500g containers.  The same great quality in a sturdy sealed tub ready for next day delivery. 

Easy to store in your freezer.

100% lamb tripe. Nothing added! 

A tasty meal with coarse minced lamb.  A great texture for your dog’s enjoyment.  The meal comes already chopped and mixed together. 

100% meat, nothing added giving your dog the very best complimentary meal.

A rich textured meal giving your dog a truly enjoyable experience.

Sold in a single size 500g container.

Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.  Once thawed, open the pack and serve to your dog.

Moisture 76%, Oil 8.3%, Ash 1.1%, Protein 14.7% & Fibre 4.2%


    Delivery 3-5 working days



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