Naturaw - Puppy

Naturaw - Puppy

Real raw puppy food from our own kitchen. A slightly finer mince ideal for puppies but suitable for feeding to dogs of all ages. With various cuts including British prime beef chunks, organic chicken carcass and beef liver, kidney & spleen making up a balanced and varied mince ideal for growing pups. Compostable tub & sleeve. (500g)


Raw food for working dogs

This is what real dog food looks like, just high quality 100% british meat with no additives or preservatives in sight. Totally grain free, it’s what dogs were born to be fed.


25% organic British chicken carcass

50% British beef prime meat chunks

15% British beef heart

5% British beef liver

5% British beef kidney


Nutritional analysis

Moisture 64.3%, protein 17.2%, fat 13.2%, ash 1.6%, fibre 1.7%