Naturaw - Wagyu Beef

Naturaw - Wagyu Beef

We think this is the most special dog food ever created. A decadent mince of exclusive British wagyu beef combined with British lamb bone and offal. You won’t find find a better example of ‘real dog food’ than this! Compostable tub & sleeve, see below for details. (500g)


Raw food for working dogs

This is what real dog food looks like, just high quality 100% british meat with no additives or preservatives in sight. Totally grain free, it’s what dogs were born to be fed.


65% British wagyu beef (trim/skirt/ flank)

25% British lamb ribs/breast

5% British lamb liver

5% British lamb kidney


Nutritional analysis

Moisture 68.67%, protein 20.17%, fat 10.73%, ash (inorganic matter) 1.02%, fibre 0.09%