Pedigree Beef in Gravy

Pedigree Beef in Gravy

Pedigree Beef in Gravy gives your adult dog all the essential nutrients he needs to help keep him in peak condition.


Contains a special blend of linoleic acid, minerals and Vitamin E for healthy skin and a shiny lustrous coat; a blend of selected natural fibres from wheat and sugar beet pulp to help support good gut health and a blend of antioxidant vitamin and minerals that help support natural defences and contribute to a long and healthy life.



Meat and Animal Derivatives (41%, including 4% Beef),Cereals,Minerals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (0.5% Dried Beet Pulp),Oils and Fats (0.5% Sunflower Oil),Vegetable Protein Extracts.



Protein 7%, Oil 5.5%, Ash 2%, Fibre 0.5%, Moisture 81%