Probiotic Paste – Gut Health

Probiotic Paste – Gut Health

Animotics Probiotic Paste is a specialist bespoke formulation delivering multiple strains of highly beneficial bacteria to help restore balance and harmony to the gut. This potent product is specifically designed to aid optimal gut health and maintain effective digestion, with proven results.


What isProDog Probiotic Paste Gut Health?

Animotics Probiotic Paste is a go-to formula providing multiple strains of bacteria to support the microbiome for dogs and cats. A high strength product, providing 22 billion colony forming units (Colony Forming Units).


Animotics is the UK’s first true dog PRO-biotic NOT containing PRE-biotics, to truly target a model microbiome for dogs and cats. Containing multiple strains of beneficial bacteria and antioxidants; designed by one of Europe and the UK’s leading natural dog food formulators, Nutritionist Bianca Major.


Animotics Probiotic Paste comes in 35cc feeding syringe