Minced Beef Tripe 500g

Minced Beef Tripe 500g

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500g size for ultimate convenience 

A complimentary wholesome container of coarse minced Beef Tripe – 100% Beef, nothing added.

Easy to store and serve!

A tasty meal with coarse minced Beef Tripe.  A great texture for your dog’s enjoyment. 

Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.

Once thawed, use within three days.  Keep in the fridge.  The best value way to serve your dog our quality raw dog food.

The perfect solution for the discerning pet owner.

Moisture 64.4%, Oil 15.3%, Ash 5.3%, Protein 19.5% & Fibre 4%


Tripe is the only organ that you can exclusively feed to a dog, it’s the fundamental building block of ALL raw feeding. 


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